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A Beginner’s Guide to Kickstarter

First time on Kickstarter? Any new platform can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning, so to make the process of supporting inspiring projects as painless as possible, we’ve crafted this quick “manual”.

We will guide you through all the Kickstarter’s ins and outs, step by step.

But first, one thing to clarify:

What Kickstarter IS

Kickstarter is a platform that allows creators to fund their boldest projects with full independence, which they don’t have by working with a publisher. Projects are funded by the community rallying around them, with given rewards attached to each amount of support.

It’s a win-win situation: the backer receives the fruit of creative efforts, often along with attractive collectibles. The supported side realizes its ambitious venture, gaining wind in the sails from the fans; all thanks to Kickstarter

What Kickstarter is NOT

Kickstarter is not a charity of any kind. It also has nothing to do with “begging for cash.” It is possible to support creators without a reward, but this is only an option: each amount is associated with a specific reward. In the creative process, Kickstarter replaces not only the publisher but also the store, as you can order exciting things directly from the creators during the fundraiser.

The amount is taken from your account only after the project is funded, so there is no risk that your payment will be lost in the void.

1. Find a project you’d like to see funded

Read the description, especially the section called Risks.

Do creators recognize all upcoming challenges related to their endeavors? How are they going to face them?

2. Choose the amount of your support

Don’t forget to check the rewards. You will find them in a separate section on the right side of your screen (when displaying on PC/Mac).

You can change the amount of support – or even pull it back – at any moment if the campaign is not yet finished.

3. Sign in or create a Kickstarter account

It’s a quick and intuitive process. Add a credit or debit card to your profile – your money’s gonna be transferred to the authors only after the campaign is finished.

Kickstarter will do the currency conversion (usually a matter of pennies). The platform will inform you of the total amount to be taken from your account after the campaign ends.

4. Follow the campaign after your pledge

You’ll receive email notifications from Kickstarter regarding the project’s progress and fulfillment.

5. Provide authors with the shipping address

After the successful fundraising, you will receive an email notification requesting you to provide your shipping address – if you previously selected any physical rewards or add-ons (additional items that can be ordered just before finishing the whole pledge process).

Provide it, and… wait for awesome stuff delivered to your doorstep!

So, there's only one last question to be answered...

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