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Battle Code: Ragnarök #01-02 Space Vikings Comic Series

An epic comic book saga of Torhild Einarsdottir: a young Space Viking on a near-suicide quest for avenging her dead father.

battle code ragnarok comicbook kickstarter
battle code ragnarok space viking saga kickstarter comicbook

Meet the Space Vikings – warriors familiar with hammers, axes, and... laser guns.

At the end of our previous Kickstarter campaign, we reached 438% funding to release the first issue of Battle Code: Ragnarök and received the badge “Project We Love” from Kickstarter itself. Thank you!
Our next Big Goal is to bring part 2 of the series to life – let’s do it together!
Wanna check this comicbook and learn the history of space vikings?

Get notified about the comic world premiere on Kickstarter and receive first 6 pages of the BC:R#01 on your mailbox just now!

Why BC:R?

Huh, let me tell you what you can expect by joining us:

bc ragnarok comicbook kickstarter


By backing this campaign, you can buy both existing Battle Code: Ragnarök issues. There’s an option of buying the second issue with an alternative cover – limited to only 30 copies!


If you select any digital or physical comic book as a reward, you’ll be able to choose a POLISH or ENGLISH language version. After the campaign, we will send surveys asking about your preferred language. And YES: We are shipping worldwide!

uruk clint comicbooks


EVERY SINGLE BACKER pledging €2 or more will receive 2 FREE digital comic books, to be sent after the successful campaign ends. The comic books mentioned are Uruk. The Last City and our brand new project titled Clint. Keep scrolling to learn more about those stories!


Few EXCLUSIVE REWARDS options and bunch of planned cool STRETCH GOALS to add some extra for our backers.

This project’s a perfect fit if you’re into:


A mix of classic fantasy stories with an unusual, original setting


Epic and action-packed Viking tales


Spectacular space battles involving jet fighters


Dark humor spiced up with a bit of brutality


“I find the comicbook is very well made in terms both the lore and graphics. The story is captivating, the art style is rough but on point with character of the lore. Overall very nice read and it left me wanting for more. 7/7, would read again.”
“It's really fun! Space Viking on a raptor? Whats not to love... Really like the style as well, gives me Samurai Jack vibes, but more raw and punk...”
“I had very good time reading it. Good humour. Waiting for another adventures in part 02. That's for sure.”
“I loved the gritty tone and unique style of the art. It definitely breaks the lines in the right way”
“Battle Code: Ragnarok is electric; the writing crackles with whip-smart comebacks and hilarious asides, and the art makes playful nods to the story’s Norse roots while still being space-age and wholly original. A brilliant, fun read. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.”
“I loved it! Composition, colour and the energy in the line work is fantastic as always. Overall, great work and it will not be the only time I read it. I can see myself picking that back up in a week or so to have another read through 🙌😄”


torhild battle code ragnarok concept art kickstarter
Battle Code: Ragnarök is a series planned for three issues. It tells the story of Torhild Einarsdottir, who at a young age inherited the title of the jarl of Trondheim, one of the moons in a distant corner of space.
Torhild has no easy task: she constantly has to prove her worth in the eyes of her own warriors. All this while taking care of the people of Trondheim… which usually boils down to providing them with another opportunity to raid and pillage.
What’s more, she feels obligated to avenge her father’s death. He died in battle at the hands of the Saxons, other cosmic warriors kidnapped from Earth centuries ago by the Jotuns.
And who are the Jotuns? They’re a once peaceful race of aliens that wished to learn the craft of war by observing the most warlike tribes of early medieval Europe.
Our protagonist has a clear goal: to conquer Northumbria, a gigantic, hitherto invincible Saxon planet-ship. Helping her in this quest are warriors sworn to her father… As well as Frida, her cool-headed sister.
And now the plot thickens…
The second issue picks up where the first one left us, adding a new charismatic character and a whole lot of action in space, where the real fighting begins!


Battle Code: Ragnarök #01-02
Space Vikings Comic Series

Get notified about the comic world premiere on Kickstarter and receive first 6 pages of the BC:R#01 on your mailbox just now!
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