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Tired of having too historically-accurate Vikings in your comics?

We feel you. That’s why we came up with BC:R.

Battle Code: Ragnarök tells the story of Torhild Einarsdottir, who at a young age inherited the title of the jarl of Trondheim, one of the moons in a distant corner of space.

Torhild has no easy task: she constantly has to prove her worth in the eyes of her own warriors. All this while taking care of the people of Trondheim… which usually boils down to providing them with another opportunity to raid and pillage.

What’s more, she feels obligated to avenge her father’s death. He died in battle at the hands of the Saxons, other cosmic warriors kidnapped from Earth centuries ago by the Jotuns. And who are Jotuns? It’s a once peaceful race of aliens that wished to learn the craft of war by observing the most warlike tribes of early medieval Europe.

Our protagonist has a clear goal: to conquer Northumbria, a gigantic, hitherto invincible Saxon planet-ship. Helping her in this quest are warriors sworn to her father… As well as Frida, her cool-headed sister.

How will this story develop? Find out reading the comic book, which has already seen the light of the day, funded on Kickstarter by amazing people!

Of course, it won’t end with the first issue. We’re already working on the next chapters of Torhild’s saga!

We’re counting heads on our battleship, and it’s not too late to join the party!

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Wanna read Torhild's adventure and find out what we're making such a fuss about? Now you're talking! We offer the printed version of "Battle Code: Ragnarök" solo or in a bundle with some other great stuff. And if you prefer to read comics in digital form, we got that too.


All goods packed in a nice Bundle – check it out! Wallpaper, Digital Version, Printed issues, All unclocked items, and maaany more!


Printed BC:R #01 in standard or exclusive cover + some FREE goods for you and your family. Aye! (You’ll get all digital formats as well!)


Prefer to read digitally on your tablet or phone? We respect that, so you can easily choose that version (it’s slightly cheaper).

BC: Ragnarok

Our first planned comic series Battle Code: Ragnarok – three issues, all would be crowdfunded on Kickstarter.


A little project, made in cooperation. We would be excited to give #00 FREE in pdf for all backers! Also plan to develop this concept into full story.


Big story. Dark strange world. Comicbook in early development. We are thinking about make full comicbook story of this. Everything depends on the our first Kick.

Meet the authors

Hold on, wait a minute… who are we actually?

Time to get to know each other!

Yelly is… AL GOYO (tattooed illustrator) & Adrian Liput (beardy writer). We come together as a yellow yelling yellyfish studio.

Fun fact: Yelly wasn’t originally intended to be a collective of comic book creators, but instead… a marketing agency?!

That’s right. We started in the creative industry as a graphic designer and copywriter, respectively – not without success and satisfaction. So what veered us into the comics territory?

One day we started talking about our passions at work. It turned out that one of our shared dreams was to publish a story. Preferably a comic book. In Alan’s case, the goal was quite specific: to have a comic book published before his 30th birthday. There was only one solution: we should start working together!

But… on what? It took us a while to polish the first story. In the meantime, we did some interesting non-storytelling projects.

Thanks to this, we’ve found that we work more than well together. So you can be sure that our adventure most certainly won’t end with BC:R!

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This is the exact amount we need to publish this comic book. The fundraiser's coming soon: we are gathering a crew that will fight together with us to make this dream come true.

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Fighting For Our Dream

One small step for the comic industry, a big one for us! We came up with a few stories that need to be told, and now everything’s in your hand. Shall we succeed with BC:R… we plan to continue pursuing our dream. Which is creating new stories 24/7!

The first issue will have 24 pages. Plus a few more if we achieve our milestones (read more in the campaign description).
Issues planned
The very first adventure of Torhild is planned for 3 issues. Approximately +100 pages for everything.
This is the exact amount we need to print the first issue and start this fantastic journey!

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